Next performance

The next performance will be on Sunday 9th June 2013 (currently performances are through invitation only). The original plan was for myself, James Widden (violin), Alison Holford (cello) and Alex Golovin (clarinet) to play movements from The Quartet for the End of Time by Olivier Messiaen. However, this would require the piano functioning conventionally so on a rainy Tuesday morning me and my 4 year old daughter Eva went to the woods to try the piano. The heavy rainfall in late May had made the keys jam. The octave at the top and bottom of the piano was fine but everything else was stuck so it was not possible to play the Messiaen this time.

That was over two weeks ago and since then the weather has been warm and sunny. The wood may have dried out and contracted but it is too late to try the piano again and organise musicians. I am looking forward to discovering the condition of the piano in the course of the next performance. I will bring e-bows, dental floss and hand fans in case the keys are still jammed. The Whiststable-based photographer Neil Sloman has kindly agreed to come and take some pictures.

Photo by Neil Sloman

One thought on “Next performance

  1. When I was very young I remember being taken by my parents to a forest which was dotted with knackered old pianos. I’ve since asked them where it was but neither of them remember. All I know is that it was somewhere in Sussex during the 1980s. The memory of that makes this seem even more evocative.

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